Welcome to Mars Group a prominent conglomerate in Bangladesh

With a strong presence in various sectors, we are proud to introduce our diverse concerns: Mars Homes Ltd., Mars International Ltd, Mars Creation Ltd, Mars Agro & Fisheries Ltd, and Mars Educare.

Embrace the boundless possibilities that await you in the dynamic world of Mars Group.


Who We Are

At Mars Group, our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to deliver exceptional products and services across industries. Mars Homes Ltd. specializes in crafting extraordinary residential and commercial properties, providing our clients with their dream spaces and investment opportunities.
Mars International Ltd. is your gateway to global trade, facilitating seamless connections between businesses and fostering international collaborations. With an unwavering focus on quality and reliability, we ensure successful transactions and sustainable growth.
Immerse yourself in the realm of creativity with Mars Creation Ltd., where TV Natok and films has been produced. We create a wide range of creative works with leading actors and models of Bangladesh.
Experience the agricultural and fisheries expertise of Mars Agro & Fisheries Ltd., as we prioritize sustainable practices while meeting the growing demand for premium food products. We are dedicated to fostering rural development and ensuring a thriving agricultural sector.
Education takes center stage with Mars Educare, where we empower individuals through comprehensive learning solutions and skill development programs. Join us on a journey of knowledge and personal growth.
At Mars Group, our dedicated team and customer-centric approach propel us forward, setting new standards of excellence in every sector we venture into. Embrace the boundless possibilities that await you in the dynamic world of Mars Group.

Our Concerns

Discover our commitment to excellence across various industries.

Mars Group

Welcome to Mars Group, a dynamic conglomerate based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With our strong presence in various sectors.Read More »

Mars Homes Ltd.

Mars Homes Ltd. is our flagship concern, specializing in the development of exceptional land-sharing residential and commercial properties.Know More »

Mars International Ltd.

Mars International Ltd. is at the forefront of global trade, fostering connections between businesses and facilitating international partnerships.Know More »

Mars Creation Ltd.

Mars Creation Ltd. serves as our creative arm, offering innovative designs and branding solutions to businesses seeking to enhance their brand identities.Know More »

Mars Agro & Fisheries

Mars Agro & Fisheries Ltd. represents our foray into the agricultural and fisheries sector. As a responsible corporate entity, we prioritize sustainable practices in farming and fishing.Know More »

Mars Educare

Mars Educare embodies our dedication to education and skill development. We believe in empowering individuals through comprehensive learning solutions and training programs.Read More »
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With a dedicated team

& customer-centric approach, we strive for excellence in every industry we operate in.

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